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Facebook Check-in Service

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We love our customers, so feel free to call during normal business hours.  This program includes Direct Mail (Giant 9" x 12" Postcards), Facebook Birthday Marketing, Local Check-in and 100,000 Monthly Banner Ads sent to 180,000 Apps on Smartphones in your Local Area.  Please call directly for additional information about any part of this program.

Local Community Coupons

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In an effort to keep our prices low, we do all of our work by means of email, texts and phone calls.

about facebook check-in program

Check out this great video to see what we can do for your business.

About Birthday club marketing


Grab interest

Free Offer  on Facebook to gather  information of customers celebrating a Birthday the coming week.  Text and Email


Generate excitement

Free Offers also on 100,000 Banner Ads each month in our local area that show on 1000's of Apps on iPhone and Android Smartphones.  Get a FREE Taco Combination on your Birthday!  Brings in parties of 2 or more with average checks of $78.


Here is how it works

Facebook Ad for Free Dinner or Item, Or Banner Ad that Takes you to a page where we collect name, email and phone to invite customer into your restaurant to redeem coupon.

They can then be texted or emailed specials on a weekly basis.

Sample of 9" x 12" Giant Postcard

9" x 12" direct mail postcard - see sample above

Additional Information

  The 9" x 12" Postcard is the largest postcard that can be mailed flat by the USPS.  We include 9 ads on each side for a total of 18.  Each ad has a coupon offer.  We only accept great offers.

  We also have a direct tap for coupon link connected to each ad for mobile users.  They can then input their information to receive the coupon on their desktop or mobile devise.  All they have to do is redeem their coupon by showing it to the server or business.

  Business owners can choose to be a part of the direct mail program or just the Facebook Birthday or Checkin Programs.

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We  mail 5,000 Giant Postcards to higher income areas in the 89012, 89052 zip codes on a rotational basis each month hitting 20,000 new addresses each quarter, before repeating.  Couple this exposure with Facebook Birthday's,  Local Check-ins and Banner Ads sent out (100,000) to Smartphones in the same area and you have a comprehensive marketing program.

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We can do the following and a whole lot more!

Increase Customer Engagement

Get people talking about your business

Increase Customer Relationships

Help your customers feel more connected to your brand

Create Repeat Customers

The best customers are repeat customers


Build Brand Loyalty

Turn your customers into brand evangelists

Develops Brand Awareness

Be able to reach audiences otherwise unreachable

Bring in New Customers

Use customer recommendations to encourage new business

What our service includes:

Our service includes

  • Develop a custom Facebook Ad program for your business
  • Provide table top signs
  • Change signage with fresh offers periodically
  • Re-share and engage your customers check-ins on your page for you
  • Pick and announce winners of check-in contests
  • Market to new customers having Birthdays each week
  • Collect Text and Email addresses and offer to send out weekly to increase customer visits.
  • Direct Mail 5,000 9" x 12" Postcards each month to local area

Table Top Tents and Register Signs


Table Top Tents

The magic starts with the table top topper or register display


Multiple Versions

American, Bakery, BBQ, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Pizza, Seafood, Thai and many more!


Same idea only larger for the register

These are 8.5" x 11" and stand up by the register in businesses that typically don't have table service such as bakeries or tire stores, toy stores etc.

additional information


2019 Facebook Algorithm Feed


The Feed was no longer chronological,  but instead, Facebook would choose what they felt was most important,  which meant lots of advertising, ‘featured’ posts, and even ‘fake news’…

People hated it!

To counteract this, in early 2018, Facebook changed the algorithm to give priority to content from friends and family members.

Here’s The Truth: ‘Word Of Mouth’ Advertising Beats Paid Advertising Hands Down…

My team leader has been offering this service to restaurants now for 11 months.

Every single restaurant that we worked with saw an INSTANT boost in their Facebook engagement with customers, and…

Practically all restaurants saw higher foot traffic, more table reservations, and bigger profits within a week!

The main check-in program has everything you need to motivate your restaurant’s customers into checking in via Facebook,
by using ethical bribes, such as discounted meals, free food / drink items, or surprise gifts.

But one thing everybody loves are contests! There’s just something about us humans that makes us very competitive,
and I’ve found the perfect way of using this competitiveness to dramatically boost check-ins.

This optional contest module will show you how to easily create daily/weekly/monthly check-in contests that will motivate people
to check in to win a prize. Some examples are:

Funniest photo
Scariest Halloween costume
Best ‘food porn’ photo (most artistically shot meal)
Most loyal customer with the highest number of check-ins

….and so much more!

what does this cost?

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You can just join the Facebook Birthday Club, Local Check-in, and 100,000 Banner Ad Programs for $295 to start, then  $195 each month there after.to share the costs  of the Local Advertising.