Local Direct Mail, Facebook Check-in and Birthday Coupon Club Service for Restaurants

Henderson, Nevada

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Facebook Check-in Service



Our Services: This is a 4-pronged marketing approach to increasing your exposure in your local area.

This program is a combination of several great services offered to Restaurants and other businesses.

100,000 Banner Ads Served To Local Area Smartphones

This is a marketing program for maximum exposure.  These Banner Ads will show up on any of 180,000 apps for Smartphones while the customer is in the Local Area.  In this case 89012 and 89052

Direct Mail

 9" x 12" Giant Coupon Mailer goes out to 5,000 homes in upper income areas locally on a monthly basis.  These will be delivered to 89012 and 89052  rotating every 4 months to give advertisers exposure to 20,000 residences every quarter.

Facebook Ads . . . Happy Birthday

Facebook Ad is run in Newsfeed on Desktop and Mobile offering a FREE item.  
Cick on the Ad to get a coupon but first you are directed to a landing page to give your name, phone and email to obtain the coupon.

Check-in Local

 Customers will have the opportunity to check in while inside your restaurant for a free dessert or appetizer or any other offer you would like to make.  Again to build your list!

We supply all the table tents and two 12" x 18" posters.

Build and own your email list and text list

 You will soon grow a list to 1000's that you will be able to have us send out a text or email on a weekly basis to increase traffic during slow times or offer a special deal.